Flint Perez
Alias/es: Skew
Age: 18
Appearance: Average height, lean and muscled. Dark-ish skin, glossy black hair currently in dreadlocks, and dull brown eyes. Very androgynous.
Personality: Cocky, but smarter than you’d think. Mouth constantly writing cheques his skills can barely cash. A better leader than he’d like to think, and surprisingly caring under the right circumstances.
Affiliation: Outliers
Powers: Limited kinetic energy manipulation: 90 degrees only.
Skills: Talented hand-to-hand martial artist, competent with firearms, surprisingly bad at card games, surprisingly good at art. 

Hannah Eiling-Kingsford
Alias/es: Wisp
Age: 16
Appearance: Tall, gymnast’s build, tends to slouch. Straight strawberry-blonde hair, shoulder-length, long nose and hazel eyes. Big ears.
Personality: A weird mix of confidence and anxious neuroses. Prone to fluster in new situations or around new people. Doesn’t swear. Single-minded and curious, but not so much in a good way as much as ‘killed the cat’. Talks back to the voice in her head.
Affiliation: Independent
Powers: Creates a duplicate that she can control, while her body is rendered invisible. Duplicate has density-manipulation abilities.
Skills: Talented writer, but not as good as she thinks she is. Decent gymnast, but not as bad as she thinks she is. Can solve a Rubik’s cube in under 10 seconds. Can kick your ass at any RTS you can name, but won’t unless you piss her off. 



Lisette DuPont
Alias/es: Ricochet
Age: 21
Appearance: Short, stocky. Round face, light brown hair. Dresses like a hobo. Possibly is one.
Costume: Tactical hobo.
Powers: Not yet known

George Hatcher
Alias/es: Flatline
Age: 19-ish?
Appearance: Spiky black hair, tiny little mouth that looks like he’s sucking on a lemon. Pastier than curdled milk.
Costume: Dark navy combat gear and goggles over a balaclava. Arms exposed.
Powers: Touch-range electromagnetism nullification

Shauna Southmore
Alias/es: Tide
Age: 17
Appearance: Coke-bottle glasses, piercing stare, thin lips, very white. Average height, looks like she could be blown away by a strong breeze.
Costume: Body armor with stylized ripples worked in over a pale blue undersuit.
Powers: Creates ripple effect in solid materials.

Natalie Wong
Alias/es: Ribbon
Age: 17
Appearance: Chubby, Asian, black hair and brown eyes, way too many piercings. Wannabe goth-punk.
Costume: Mummy-esque wrappings of fabric controlled by her power.
Powers: Strengthens and controls fabrics.

Jessica Reynolds
Alias/es: Freefall
Age: 17
Appearance: Tall, grungy, solid like a brick shithouse. Probably hasn’t washed her hair (brown-ish) in years.
Costume: WW2 bomber’s outfit in tan and light blue
Powers: Teleports straight up and builds up energy while in freefall, to be released on contact.

Ivan Kolev
Alias/es: Vortex
Age: 22
Appearance: This is the chin that can pierce the heavens. Blue eyes, black hair, looks a little like Bruce Wayne if Bruce Wayne was constantly hungover.
Costume: Segmented plates up forearms and across chest, silvery-orange. Tactical mask.
Powers: Forcefields that accumulate objects that touch them into projectiles that can be fired at high velocity.

Sanjay Singh
Alias/es: Foresight
Age: 18
Appearance: Indian, but fairly pale. Scowly, deep-set features. Slightly on the bulky side. Dresses very preppy.
Costume: Unadorned body armor, heavily armored gloves.
Powers: Not yet known

Adib Samara
Alias/es: Stonewall
Age: 19
Appearance: Like he ate another human being and consumed their mass. Broad nose, close-cropped hair, eternally stubbly.
Costume: Brown jumpsuit, over which he creates armor from his power
Powers: Creates energy voids

Natalie Wilson
Alias/es: Void
Age: ??
Appearance: Black, with close-cropped natural hair. Wide, toothy mouth, bright, sharp eyes.
Costume: White armor with crimson trim. Long white cape, segmented metal mask.
Powers: Not yet known.

The Watchtower Conglomerate

Appearance: Grey and black jumpsuit, long, billowy cape, stylized ‘A’ on chest.
Powers: Flight, strength, speed, toughness, shockwave manipulation.

Appearance: Glowing golden armor over white robes
Powers: Can manifest armor of light that grants flight, strength and toughness

Appearance: Hulking grey and red armor
Powers: Forge, type unknown

The Incredible Balthazar
Appearance: Pinstriped suit with purple tie and purple-rimmed bowler
Powers: Telekinesis

Appearance: Grey and orange pilot's jumpsuit with helmet. 
Powers: Gathers energy in the form of a fiery corona, then fires herself as a projectile using said energy

Appearance: Grey jumpsuit, armor plating slowly gradating through all the colors of the rainbow as it approaches his core
Powers: Power copier who can only duplicate specific uses of a power rather than the whole power

Appearance: Ornate lacy dress in white and blue, calm mask
Powers: Creates fog that she can freeze into ice at will

Appearance: Human figure made entirely out of dark wood
Powers: Unknown, seemingly being made of super-tough wood

Appearance: Navy undersuit, armor with chain links worked into it.
Powers: Unknown

Annabelle Park
Appearance: Half-Korean, long face, average height. Teeth stained from tobacco-chewing
Position: Dispatch officer

Arnold Cayle
Appearance: Balding man in his late fifties, developing a gut and grey hairs. Suit permanently rumpled.

Position: Director of Metahuman Response for the New Chicago Tower